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Team building


Strengthen your teams and improve your performance!

When a microbrewery, vineyard, the Chic-Choc Mountains, salmon fishing and more become a playground for you to work on your team spirit!

That's exactly what you'll get through Riôtel Matane's new package - Team Building between the Mountains and the Sea! La Matanie has major advantages regarding accessibility, accommodation, dining, infrastructures and activities. Our selection of products promoting the sea, the Matane River and the Chic-Choc Mountains, make La Matanie a refreshingly different destination.

What is team building?

Team building aims to strengthen ties between team members, promote learning and create a productive work environment. Through various activities, such as management games, experiential training and sports, cultural, artistic and creative activities, you can implement many different values and experiences that help will increase your organization's productivity.

Why set up team building activities?

• To promote the learning of new and existing concepts;

• Enrich the experiences and qualities of each team member;

• Increase participant involvement;

• Engage each team member’s strengths to reach organizational goals;

• Encourage openness in the face of change;

• Increase the feeling of belonging;

• Strengthen the quality of inter-team communication;

• Encourage employee retention;

• Promote the involvement of everyone towards a common goal;

• Implement a motivational atmosphere;

• Improve team dynamics.


Contact Mélissa Pearson for more information:

(418) 566-4344, ext. 527 or 1 866 735-2939, ext. 527


Tourisme Matane

Tourisme Matane is here to help you organize your events!


PB Dimension RH

PB Dimension RH, a human resources and organizational development consultancy firm, offers a turnkey team building package.


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