Total Oblivio – In Matane only

Total Oblivio - In Matane only

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Total Oblivio - In Matane only

Put your feet up for the entire day with this package that includes three signature Oblivio treatments.

Package includes:

- One night at Riôtel Matane
- Dinner (three course)
- Breakfast
- Tips
- Oblivio pedicure (Foot scrub followed by a foot mask and massage, then full pedicure with your chosen varnish)
- Oblivio beauty facial (3-in-1 treatment targets all your needs in one treatment, includes head and foot massage)
- Oblivio massage (This signature massage perfectly blends aromatherapy and thermotherapy putting you in a state of total relaxation. Using hot oils, includes a blend of relaxation and therapeutic massage and hot stones)


The price varies according to the date of stay, the type of room, the number of persons - Call us at 1-888-427-7374 in order to get a quote!

Conditions apply:

Drinks are not included with meals. Surcharges may apply for some menu items. Excl. taxes.

Information or reservations:

Telephone: 1-888-427-7374

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