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Out of the ordinary Gaspésie!

Out of the ordinary Gaspésie!


Out of the ordinary Gaspésie!

Discover the Gaspé Peninsula as you’ve never seen it before! There are many different activities on offer: black bear-watching on the Réserve Faunique de Matane, snorkeling with seals in Forillon… Besides these unusual activities, there are loads of natural wonders to see: wonderful waterfalls, spectacular swimming spots, and breathtaking viewpoints… There are plenty of surprises on the Gaspé Peninsula!

Day 1

Destination: Gaspé Peninsula!

Meal and overnight accommodation at RIÔTEL MATANE

Day 2

Black bear-watching

Head to the Réserve Faunique de Matane where you can take part in a number of activities. Take part in a black bear-watching activity at dusk. The guide will help you to understand this fascinating creature’s habits and biology. As this activity takes place in the evening, we suggest bringing a packed-lunch for dinner.

Overnight accommodation at RIÔTEL MATANE.

Day 3

Visit the fossilized cliff that is the Parc National de Miguasha

Head towards Bonaventure via the Matapedia Valley (275 km) and stop off at the Parc National de Miguasha, its fossilized cliff is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the best place in the world to look for fossilized fish!

Meal and overnight accommodation at RIÔTEL BONAVENTURE.

Day 4

Go on an amazing offshore fishing adventure

Spend your morning learning the fisherman’s trade: go on an offshore fishing trip on the L’Omirlou and discover how beautiful Bonaventure’s coastline is! Why not spend the afternoon on Bonaventure River? Cime Aventure offers a three-hour snorkeling package where a guide will accompany you. If snorkeling isn’t your cup of tea, why not swim at the Malin de la rivière Bonaventure, one of the best swimming spots on the Gaspé Peninsula!

Meal and overnight accommodation at RIÔTEL BONAVENTURE.

Day 5

Whale-watching trips

Head out on a whale-watching trip. Head to the Émeraudes River in the afternoon, it’s only 20 minutes from Percé and isn’t far from the Coin-du-Banc beach, which, by the way, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Gaspé Peninsula. Émeraudes River is located in an old quarry and there are several different hiking trails that lead to waterfalls.

Meal and overnight accommodation at RIÔTEL PERCÉ.

Day 6

Swim with seals

Head to Forillon National Park where you can head out with Plongée Forillon or Griffon Aventure to snorkel with seals in their natural environment or try your hand at canyoning. When you leave Forillon head back towards Matane, on the way you can stop off at Éole Cap-Chat and go to the top of the highest wind turbine in the world.

Meal and overnight accommodation at RIÔTEL MATANE.

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